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    Spicer? Off-Highway Transmissions and Electronic Controls


    Dana offers a full range of Spicer? transmissions and torque converters to handle applications that require 50 to 1,000 horsepower (37 to 746 kW).


    All off-highway transmissions can be specified with Spicer electronic control systems to enhance performance even further. A range of options enable precise inching, eco-drive, power drive, and overlap control.

    Product Selector Tool

    Hydrostatic Transmissions

    Available in continuously and infinitely variable transmissions for improved fuel economy and maximum vehicle performance.

    • Disconnects engine speed from wheel speed for improved efficiency and control    
    • Offers forward, reverse, and braking with hydrostatic motor
    • Delivers high torque at low speeds

    Hydrodynamic Powershift Transmissions

    Delivers the highest level of simplicity and serviceability with advanced control options for improved shifting.

    • Eliminates disconnect clutch    
    • Reduces shock/impact driveline loading
    • Prevents engine stalling and over-speeding
    • Provides smooth start-up and acceleration
    • Balances power to load

    Hydromechanical Variable Transmissions (HVT)

    Through a joint venture with Bosch Rexroth, Dana delivers hydromechanical variable transmissions, which combine mechanical and hydrostatic travel drives to maximize fuel savings up to 35 percent.

    • Utilizes the first full hydrostatic drive range at low speeds    
    • Directs a larger portion of engine power through a parallel mechanical path at increasing speeds
    • Enables highest efficiency at maximum travel speed as all power moves through the mechanical path
    • Identical advantages apply for reverse operation

    Download a Spec Sheet:

    HVT R2 – 135-195 kW input power

    HVT R3 – Up to 265 kW input power

    For additional information on the joint venture or technology, click here.

    Watch the HVT in action:

    Inside the HVT:

    Quick Facts

    • Powerful, efficient system solutions for construction, mining, and material-handling vehicles
    • Meets full range of technology needs and packaging constraints 
    • Delivers maximum fuel savings and simplified handling, improved operator comfort, control, and reduced noise


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