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    Long? Liquid-Cooled Charge Air Coolers


    Fused together via Dana’s proprietary fluxless brazing process, our stacked plate technology – plus air and coolant side enhancements – ensures that drivers feel an immediate response when accelerating.  With heat transfer efficiency approaching 100 percent, liquid-cooled charge air coolers bring greater durability and reduced emissions to engines in light, commercial, and off-highway vehicle applications.  

    Unlike air-to-air coolers that are often packaged in front of the radiator, this technology is available in several configurations that can be packaged anywhere within the engine compartment, including:
    • Remote mounted, self contained
    • Integrated into intake manifold
    • Integrated into supercharger housing

    Key Features

    • Improved engine volumetric efficiency and specified engine performance with lower engine displacement 
    • Liquid-cooled charge air coolers result in smaller packaging space for the heat exchanger 
    • Multiple packaging placement options for maximum versatility
    • 75% less turbo lag

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