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    Dana Brands

    Our Brands

    Dana is a world leader in highly engineered solutions for improving the efficiency, performance, and sustainability of powered vehicles and machinery.  Dana supports the passenger vehicle, commercial truck, and off-highway markets, as well as industrial and stationary equipment applications.  Our position in the market has been built on some of the strongest product brands in the industry, all working to further Dana’s longstanding legacy in innovation performance, durability, quality, and after-sales service.

    Spicer? Drivetrain Products

    For more than a century, the Spicer name has been built on a legacy of success with trusted drivetrain solutions for cars, commercial vehicles, off-highway machines, military vehicles, and those adapted for high-performance applications. Manufactured in Dana facilities around the world, every Spicer part is designed and produced to the same exacting standards as specified by OE manufacturers, ensuring that vehicles continue to operate at peak performance levels.

    Learn more about Spicer drivetrain products.

    Victor Reinz? Sealing Products and Gaskets

    Victor Reinz stands in the market today as one of the world’s most trusted and reliable brands for high-performance powertrain sealing systems. As an OE manufacturer and replacement part supplier for more than 90 years, nearly all the familiar brands and models of automobile manufacturers worldwide are equipped with Victor Reinz brand professional sealing solutions in the areas of engines, transmissions, and exhaust.

    Learn more about Victor Reinz sealing products and gaskets.

    Long? Thermal-Management Products

    Since the birth of the automobile in the late 1800s, the Long brand has represented innovation, quality, and reliability in vehicle thermal-management solutions, optimizing operating temperature in the wide range of liquids and gases that are prevalent in modern vehicle powertrains. Many Long thermal-management products utilize proprietary technologies to capture and use otherwise wasted energy, improving fuel economy and reducing emissions.

    Learn more about Long® thermal-management products.

    Brevini? Motion Systems

    Brevini brand products include fluid-power solutions such as axial piston, gear pumps and orbital motors; cetop, proportional, cartridge, and modular valves; hydraulic valves, joysticks and electronic modules; standard and customized mini hydraulic powerpacks; electronics including sensors and load cells; and hydraulic circuits for industrial and mobile applications. Plus, Brevini power-transmission expertise extends to the design and manufacture of high-efficiency technologies with planetary and helical gear units, gear motors, and winches, along with S-Series planetary gearboxes and E-Series power transmissions. Brevini advances support applications including on- and offshore equipment, green technologies, mining, heavy industries, and earthmoving.

    Learn more about Brevini® Motion Systems.

    Dana 44™ and Dana 60™

    Dana 44 and Dana 60 brand axles are arguably the best known and most trusted axle solutions among off-roading enthusiasts worldwide. The products are used and abused across some of the most hostile terrains known to mankind. Indeed, the name has become so iconic, that it is today used by several sport-utility and other off-road OE vehicle manufacturers as a key ingredient brand in their own marketing of new vehicles to end customers.

    Learn more about Dana 44™ and Dana 60™.

    Glaser? Sealing Parts

    As an international replacement part brand for engine gaskets, Glaser has produced sealing systems for specific engine repairs for cars, trucks, agricultural and construction machinery, marine and industrial engines for the past 40 years. All parts in this comprehensive product range meet the high standards of OEM quality, making Glaser a highly regarded brand worldwide.

    Learn more about Glaser® sealing parts.

    GWB? Driveshafts for Industrial Applications

    Since 1946, Dana’s GWB brand driveshafts have been recognized as the global standard for technical innovation, quality, and performance for industrial applications. With manufacturing operations in Germany supported by Dana’s global network of R&D, distribution, and aftermarket operations, GWB driveshafts are built on a deep, long-term understanding of applications in the steel, rail, marine, paper, and recycling industries.

    Learn more about GWB® industrial driveshafts.

    Tru-Cool? Transmission Coolers

    Tru-Cool is a trusted range of after-fit transmission coolers intended to enhance vehicle performance, particularly in harsh environments or duty cycles such as heavy trailer towing.

    Learn more about Tru-Cool® brand components.

    Albarus Aftermarket Products - Brazil

    For more than 70 years the Albarus brand has been a trusted name in the Brazilian aftermarket, combining tradition and reliability for car, truck and bus parts, provided by another brand that can be trusted - Dana. 

    Learn more about Albarus products and components.