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    Australia Region

    Customized Drivetrain Solutions for the Australian Marketplace

    In the Australian heavy-duty truck market, Dana is highly regarded for product reliability and durability.  Major Australian OEMs build their vehicles with us because they know that Spicer® drivetrain products will exceed their customers’ expectations.  At our Australian facilities, we assemble drive and steer axles for local truck manufacturers as well as heavy-duty drive and steering shafts.  Our representatives are always available for consultation on new model development and advice on any industry-specific applications.  For further information, visit www.2yuga.com.au.

    Contact your Dana sales representative:
    Paul French
    OE Sales
    39-45 Wedgewood Road, Hallam, VIC, 3803, Australia
    +61 3 9213 5555 or 1300 00 DANA