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    Secondary Gaskets for Sealing Systems

    Victor Reinz? Secondary Gaskets

    Dana can manage all of your sealing needs in demanding commercial-vehicle applications. Depending on the application, we can customize a material and design to your specific requirements, including multi-layer steel, soft materials, rubber, and high-temperature gaskets. Additionally, you can choose from various designs such as molded, rubber, stamped gaskets and coatings.

    Quick Facts

    • Cutting-edge production technology makes flexible, fast, and inexpensive production possible 
    • Global design with regional production in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia 
    • Each job is tailored to meet your needs

    Key Features

    • Superior performance gaskets for added reliability
    • Total engine sealing reduces supply base by receiving a single cost estimate and issuing a single purchase order
    • A variety of processes for maximum design flexibility